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Vettel Set To Win At Austin, Texas.

Drivers from around the world are coming to America to participate in this pulsating penultimate race of the 2012 Formula One season. This is the United States Grand Prix, which many believe could finally decide this season. It sees Fernando Alonso go head to head with Sebastian Vettel for ultimate supremacy, in those beautiful surroundings of Austin, Texas. It is where the race is due to go ahead, on the afternoon of Sunday the 18th November at 13:00.

It is the location of the US Grand Prix’s triumphant return, after an absence of five years. The event has gone through many incarnations and has had many different homes in its history. The race has existed in some form since 1908, when it was originally referred to as the American Grand Prize. The meet has previously been held in nine different sites, but has not taken place since the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 2007. This weekend sees the US Grand Prix make its comeback to Formula One, at the appropriately named Circuit of The Americas. It has a circuit length of 5.513 km and covers a race distance of 308.405 km. This inaugural race at the Circuit of The Americas goes on for an enthralling 56 laps.

It could see the German Red Bull driver be named champion for a startling third time. This would make Vettel the youngest driver in history to earn that distinction. If Alonso should win the championship though, he too would be the youngest racer to win it three times. So this puts the championship, along with the record, on a knife edge, deep in the heart of Texas.

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